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  • Welcome School of Dentistry Faculty!

    The purpose of this page is to provide assistance on seeking and obtaining grants for research and service projects.

    Grant Development and Preparation

    ALL grants, whether service, research, public or private, must be routed through the SOD Office of Research. Whether you are unfamiliar with this process or have participated in it many times, it can be difficult to navigate.  In order to help you through this process, the SOD Office of Research has developed a Grant Submission Process Flow Chart to outline the grant submission process.  




    Budget Forms


    Helpful Links


    Intramural Research Support Programs

    School of Dentistry Intramural Research Grants 

    The goal of the intramural research support program is to enhance research activities in the School of Dentistry. Highest priority is given to: 1) providing support for new investigators who are endeavoring to initiate and develop their research programs; and 2) supporting pilot studies with a clear potential for expansion into larger projects that can compete for extramural funding. Priority will be given to those research projects which involve School of Dentistry students.  

    Eligibility: Participation as co-investigator in an intramurally funded project is not restricted. The following eligibility guidelines refer to the principal investigator (PI), defined as the primary author of the proposal and the person assuming responsibility for completion of the project. 

    1. Full-time faculty members of the University Of Mississippi School Of Dentistry are eligible. 
    2. Pre-doctoral students and residents of the School of Dentistry are eligible, with the stipulation that such individuals must (a) be in good academic standing and have at least average academic performance; (b) demonstrate a primary role in development of the research project and proposal; and (c) be sponsored by a faculty mentor.  

    For more information, please click here, or contact the SOD Office of Research.  SOD Intramural Research Grant Application   


    UMMC Intramural Research Support Program (IRSP)  

    Deadline for Cycle I Applications:  February 14

    Deadline for Cycle II Applications: August 15

    The IRSP provides support in the form of 12-month awards of $30,000 or less to members of the UMMC faculty to pursue a research project.

    Grants are awarded in the following three categories:

    • Initial Research Support for New and Newly Relocated Investigators
    • Pilot Research
    • Emergency Support

    For more information,   click here  or contact the SOD Office of Research.