Admissions and Student Affairs

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  • Transfer Students

    Credit transferred from a community college

    A maximum of 65 semester hours of credit from a community college may be applied toward admission. However, it is strongly recommended that as many required science courses as possible be completed at a senior college or university to improve chances for admission.

    Transfer students

    Under exceptional circumstances, students in good academic standing who are attending an accredited U.S. or Canadian dental school may be considered for admission with advanced standing. In general, applicants for advanced standing beyond the third year will not be considered. All such decisions will be considered in light of vacancies that have occurred in the present classes. For example, if one student has dropped out of a class, only one student could be admitted into that class with advanced standing.

    Applicants for admission with advanced standing/transfer status must submit evidence of good academic performance from the dental school previously attended, and the application must be accompanied by an official transcript and letter from the Dean. No student will be admitted with advanced standing if there is a condition or failure in any course. Applications for positions beyond the second year will require official scores from National Board Dental Examinations, Part I.

    Because of differences in curricula between dental schools, transfer positions are extremely limited. Therefore, the Admissions Committee reserves these considerations for only exceptional circumstances.