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  • Preparing for a Career in Dentistry

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    Students interested in a career in dentistry should pursue a program of study that is grounded in the sciences and humanities. To that end, the following courses of study are recommended:

    High school academic preparation

    • English Composition
    • Mathematics (Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Pre-Calculus)
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics

    College academic preparation   

    4-Year College Curriculum

    • Bachelor of Science Degree
    • Bachelor of Arts Degree

    College courses required for admission to the School of Dentistry:

    English2 semesters / 3 quarters

    Inorganic Chemistry (Must include laboratory)

    2 semesters / 3 quarters

    Organic Chemistry (Must include laboratory)

    2 semesters / 3 quarters

    Advanced Biology or Chemistry

    One course must include one of the following: microbiology, comparative anatomy, or biochemistry (Must be completed at senior college, but no laboratory is required)

    2 semesters / 3 quarters
    Physics (Must include laboratory)2 semesters / 3 quarters
    General Biology or Zoology (I and II) (Must include laboratory)2 semesters / 3 quarters
    Mathematics (College algebra and trigonometry or higher level)2 semesters / 3 quarters
    Statistics or Biostatistics (General business or  scientific statistics. This is in addition to one year mathematics requirement)1 semester / 1 quarter

    While not required, these courses are highly recommended: Foreign language, sociology, psychology, speech, humanities, philosophy, embryology, histology, immunology, cell biology, physiology.

    Other suggested courses

    • Speech
    • Fine Arts
    • Accounting

    Extracurricular activities

    • Community service
    • Leadership positions
    • Knowledge of the dental profession (by visiting and observing dentists and dental laboratories, etc)