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  • Current Equipment

    Airway management

    • airwayeq.jpgBasic and difficult airway training torsos: adult, child and infant
    • Airway anatomy models and charts
    • Difficult airway algorithm
    • Oral and nasal airways and masks
    • Laryngoscope sets: MacIntosh and Miller
    • Selection of endotracheal tubes
    • Laryngeal mask airways (LMAs): Singular, ProSeal, Fastrach
    • CTrach: Video intubating LMA
    • Combitubes
    • Video fiberoptic bronchoscopes: adult and pediatric
    • Shikani Optical Stylets: adult and pediatric
    • Light wand
    • Cricothyrotomy trainer
    • Cricothyroid access kit (QuickTrach)
    • Double lumen tube

    Vascular access

    • vasculareq.jpgPeripheral venous access trainers: adult and infant
    • IV catheters
    • Related anatomy and instruction charts
    • Arterial access trainers: radial and femoral
    • Artery catheterization kits
    • Central venous access trainers: subclavian, internal jugular, ultrasound compatible, femoral
    • Triple lumen catheter kits
    • SonoSite MicroMaxx ultrasound: with linear and curvilinear probes
    • Intraosseous access trainers: sternal and tibial access, adult and pediatric
    • Chemotherapy port trainers

    Spinal access

    • spinaleq.jpgLumbar puncture trainers: adult and infant
    • Lumbar puncture kits
    • Spinal needles
    • Related anatomy training: flexible skeleton, vertebral canal and spinal nerve models and charts


    • diagnostics.jpgCardiopulmonary auscultation training: TutorVII with 12 stethoscope sounders
    • Training modules:
      • Heart sounds
      • Murmurs
      • Breath sounds


    •  other 1.jpgother.jpgUrethral catheterization trainers: male and female
    • Urethral catheterization kits
    • Nasogastric tube placement and tracheostromy care trainer