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    Seller:W.C. Vaughn
    Address:4519 Normandy Drive
    Jackson, MS 39206
    List Price:$145,000.00
    An urban oasis less than 5 minutes from Whole Foods Market and Fondren restaurants and shops!!

    Seller:Will Cauthen
    Address:5039 Ashley Drive
    Jackson, MS 39211
    List Price:$115,000.00
    3 bed 2 bath located about 5 minutes form UMMC in northeast Jackson. Good neighborhood and nice neighbors.

    Seller:Sam Gay
    Address:1468 Roxbury Court
    Jackson, MS 39211
    List Price:$850.00
    This is a townhouse (house is connected to another house on each side) for rent that's owned by Terry Wells. Has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and large living room next to kitchen. It also has a small patio behind house that's perfect for grilling.