Associated Student Body

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  • About the ASB

    The Associated Student Body (ASB) is the student government association for UMMC. It serves as a mechanism to voice student concerns, ideas, and questions to the administration and community. We also serve to unite different health care career fields present on our campus, as we strongly believe that all of the professionals on our campus are important and necessary for the future of healthcare in our state.

    Some of the means by which we try to link the future health care professionals from each school is to offer one united student government, the ASB. We try to undertake and encourage any projects that directly affect students or would serve to better the campus and/or community from a student's perspective, such as converting the ASB office in the Nelson Student Union into an study area for all students and placing the aesthetically-pleasing picnic tables around campus in locations accessible to students.


    The ASB executive officers include four (4) elected officers (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer) elected by the entire student body at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

    The president is elected the preceding fall into a position of president-elect and other officers are elected in the spring. The president-elect serves as a non-voting member of the ASB and is involved with meetings, etc., in an attempt to better prepare him/her for the position of president in the upcoming year.


    There are ASB representatives from the various schools on campus: School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Health Related Professions, Graduate School, School of Dentistry, Radiology Technician Program and the 5th/6th year School of Pharmacy.

    The number of representatives is based upon the total number of students enrolled on campus in these respective schools. These representatives are elected from within each school in an election process selected by the respective school. In other words, these representatives are elected by their school only, not a campus-wide vote like the four executive officer positions.

    There are eight representatives from the School of Medicine, comprised of the president and vice president for each class within SOM.

    There are five representatives from the School of Health Related Professions, representing the SHRP president and vice president and three other representatives.

    There are four representatives from the School of Nursing, representing the SON senior president, vice president and secretary, and the SON junior president.

    The Graduate School has three representatives - the president and vice president of the Graduate School as well as another representative.

    The Dental School has two representatives -  the school president and vice president.

    The radiology technician program has one representative, and the School of Pharmacy has three representatives: the P6 president and the P5 president and vice president.

    There are also appointees who serve on the ASB. This number can change from year to year, but is generally between four to six. The ASB president appoints UMMC students to these positions at his/her discretion. Currently, there are six people serving in this capacity, including intramural chair, Murmur Editor, Medic Editor, philanthropy chair and co-chair, Multicultural Affairs representative, webmaster, housing coordinator and political director. These positions can be filled by UMMC students at-large (i.e. no current association with the ASB) or by current ASB members.

    How to get involved

    As a student, there's many ways to get involved. A simple way is to become an officer in your class. Every school defines which students go to ASB meetings, so make sure you ask. For example, in the medical school, the president and vice president of each class are ASB voting members.

    You can also be appointed to an ASB position. Appointed positions include intramural chair and co-chair, philanthropy chair and co-chair, The Murmer editor, The Medic editor, and the website chair to name a few. E-mail ASB President, Bradley Deere (, if you are interested in becoming involved in ASB.