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  • Rural Interdisciplinary Case Experience (RICE) Bowl

    The evolution of our health care delivery system necessitates collaborative and multi- and interdisciplinary approaches to quality patient care. Although the need for health care professionals to effectively and efficiently work collaboratively in the delivery of patient care, our traditional systems of education poorly prepare students for this reality.

    This realization was the conceptual foundation for the creation of the Rural Interdisciplinary Case Experience (RICE) Bowl. This interdisciplinary health care competition is designed to provide an experiential learning opportunity for students from multiple disciplines to work in teams to address complex rural health issues. Three teams of students representing eight academic disciplines (medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, public health, business, law, and social work) collaborate to solve a clinical case study prepared and judged by a panel of similarly multi-disciplinary faculty before a live studio audience.

    The RICE Bowl encourages students to think comprehensively and outside their own fields, to better position them to care for patients with interdisciplinary teams of providers experience.

    The case competition allows teams of seven to eleven students to collaborate to find innovative ways to approach a health care case prepared and developed by a multi-disciplinary panel of faculty judges. RICE Bowl gives students the opportunity to experience other disciplinary approaches and skills before entering professional service.

    For more information regarding the 2014 RICE Bowl, please contact Felicia Bowens at or Elizabeth Bell at