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  • Population Health Journal Club

    The Office of Population Health is pleased to announce the launch of a new journal club designed to provide a forum to discuss current research literature on interventions, and best practices in population health. The journal club is open to all UMMC faculty, students, and staff and will be conducted monthly.

    Club dates

    The Population Health Journal Club meets once a month from noon -1 p.m.

    DateDiscussion leader/guest lecturerLocation
    9/16/14Arnita F. Norwood, PhD, MPH, RDNorth Wing - N 413 (4A)
     Glasgow, R.E., Askew, S., Purcell, P., Levine, E., Warner, E.T., Stange, K.C., ...Bennett, G. G. (2013, June). Use of RE-AIM to address health inequities: Application in a low-income community health center-based weight loss and hypertension self-management program. Translational Behavioral Medicine, 3 (2): 200-210. 
      8/19/14  Deborah Konkle-Parker, PhD, FNPNorth Wing - N 413 (4A)
     Finitsis, D.J., Pellowski, J.A., & Johnson, B.T. (2014). Text Message Intervention Designs to Promote Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy (ART): A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. PLoS ONE 9(2): e88166. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0088166 
     7/15/14Denise Krause, PhD, MS, MA North Wing - N 413 (4A) 

    Skillman, S.M., Doescher, M. P., Mouradian, W.E.,  & Brunson, D. K. (2010, June). The challenge to delivering oral health services in rural America. Journal of Public Health Dentistry, 70 (Supp. s1), S49–S57 

    6/24/14Mario Sims, PhDNorth Wing N716 (7A)
     Kim, E.S., Smith, J., & Kubzansky, L.D. (2014, May). Prospective study of the association between dispositional optimism and incident heart failure. Circulation Heart Failure, 7(3), 394-400
    5/20/14Jennifer C. Robinson, PhD, RN, FAHANorth Wing N716 (7A)
     Moore, J.B., Brinkley, J. Crawford, T.W., Evenson, K.R. & Brownson, R.C. (2013). Association of the built environment with physical activity and adiposity in rural and urban youth. Preventive Medicine, 56(2), 145-148.
    4/15/14Abigail Gamble, PhDNorth Wing N521 (5A)
     Hardy L.J., Bohan, K.D.,  & Trotter, R.T. (2013). Synthesizing Evidence-Based Strategies and Community-Engaged Research: A Model to Address Social Determinants of Health. Public Health Report, 128(Supp.3), 68-76
    3/18/14Patricia Frye, DrPHNorth Wing N521 (5A)
     Derose, K., Bogart, L.M., Kanouse, D.E., Felton, A., Collins, D., Mata, M.A., & ... Williams, M.V. (2014). An Intervention to Reduce HIV-Related Stigma in Partnership With African American and Latino Churches. AIDS Education & Prevention, 26(1), 28-42. doi:10.1521/aeap.2014.26.1.28
    2/18/14Marino Bruce, PhDNorth Wing N521 (5A)
     Thorpe, J.J., Richard, P., Bowie, J.V., Laveist, T.A., & Gaskin, D. J. (2013). Economic Burden of Men's Health Disparities in the United States. International Journal of Men's Health, 12(3), 195-212. doi:10.3149/jmh.1203.195  
    1/28/14Bettina M. Beech, DrPHNorth Wing N716 (7A)
     Houstion, T.K., Allison, J.J., Sussman, M., Horn, W., Holt, C.L., Trobaugh, J., Salas, M., Pisu, M., Cuffee, Y. L., Larkin, D., Person, S.D., Barton, B., Kiefe, C.I., Hullett, S. (2011, May). Culturally Appropriate Storytelling to Improve Blood Pressure: A Randomized Trail. Annals of Internal Medicine, 154(2), 77-84.

    If you are interested in leading a discussion topic/reading, please contact the Journal Club manager at (601) 815-9000.

    We encourage those participating in research/program interventions closely linked to population health to attend. Feel free to bring your lunch. RSVP is requested. For more information or to be added to the Journal Club e-mail list, please e-mail Felicia Bowens at