Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce?

    The Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce (OMPW) was established by House Bill 317, signed into law by Gov. Phil Bryant on April 24, 2012. The bill created an office within the University of Mississippi Medical Center for the purpose of overseeing the physician workforce development and needs, both in numbers and distribution, for the state of Mississippi. The OMPW, as it develops, will have research, advocacy, educational and development arms to fulfill its goals.

    How will Mississippi benefit from the OMPW?

    Our state, along with many states across the country has inadequate physician distribution. Mississippi ranks last in physicians per capita nationally.

    More than simply the number of physicians, access and quality care depends on having the right type of physicians in the most needed areas; for Mississippi, this is most notably primary care physicians. Mississippi has the lowest per-capita primary care physician supply in the nation.

    The OMPW will look at areas of great need and areas of opportunity to support new residency training programs and foster recruitment and retention of well-trained physicians. More residency positions provide opportunity to keep more of our graduating medical students in our state for training.

    Residents who train in state are more likely to stay in state for practice. Additionally, medical students and residents who are from a rural area or who train in a rural area are more likely to practice in a rural area.

    Who is on the advisory board?

    The board is made up of extremely knowledgeable people from a variety of backgrounds, all with a goal of advancing health care in Mississippi. Click here for a complete list.

    How is the Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce funded?

    Our Mississippi legislature has appropriated funds for the support of the operations of the OMPW and for granting funding to institutions or entities that demonstrate a need, desire and potential for developing an accredited residency program. Click here to view the legislation that created the OMPW.

    Has any institution received funding through the OMPW?

    Yes, Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg, MS, has received some initial funding to develop a family medicine residency program. The program is in the application stage for accreditation with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

    How do I know if my institution could support a family medicine residency program?

    Click here for more application information.

    How do I learn more about the OMPW?

    Dr. Diane Beebe is the interim director for OMPW. Click here for contact information.