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  • Application Information

    Thank you for your inquiry to the Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce regarding development of a Family Medicine residency program as outlined in HB 317. Prior to a formal funding application to the advisory board, we recommend that you and your institutional leadership review the following guidelines from the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (GMEC) and the Residency Review Committee for Family Medicine (RC-FM).

    This organization accredits all allopathic (MD) training programs in the United States, so these standards are universal to all programs. Institutions and programs must meet these requirements for accreditation, and therefore must have the resources needed to make application for funding support. The general website is

    Review requirements

    ACGME accreditation guidelines

    HB 317 mandates that programs receiving funds through the Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce must be able to accept both MD and DO students. Because of this, all programs requesting funds must be able to obtain ACGME accreditation. Both MD (allopathic) and DO (osteopathic) medical students may be accepted into an ACGME-accredited program. Following successful completion of an ACGME residency, all MD and DO residents are eligible to take the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) certification exam.

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    Above is a screen shot of the ACGME-Family Medicine home page. Please review the "Program Requirements," "Institutional Requirements" and "Common Program Requirements" listed further down on the page. Please note that the "Program Requirements" are in the process of revision, with expected release by July 2013. These have a link entitled "Approved, But Not in Effect." Once released, they will replace the current ones. The Program Information Form (PIF) is the form required by the RC-FM as submission for accreditation, so, review of this may also be helpful.

    We ask that you also review the "FAQ - New Programs Section" located on the right side of the website page. This section will address application, accreditation costs, timeline and more.

    AOA accreditation guidelines

    In order for osteopathic (DO) residents to be board certified with the American Board of Osteopathic Medicine, the residency program will need to be dually accredited by the AOA. Guidelines for this can be found at

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    For more information

    After review of these documents and review of your institutional resources to support a program, we will be glad to work with you further regarding requests to the Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce advisory board.

    If you have further questions at this stage, feel free to contact me.

    Diane K. Beebe, MD
    Interim Director, Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce