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  • EC-145

    The 2010 year model American Eurocopter EC145 is the civilian variant of the U.S. Army's Lakota (UH-72A), which is currently produced at Eurocopter's facility in Columbus, MS.

    • Aircraft maximum gross weight - 7,880 lbs. Cruise speed - 133 kts. (160 MPH)
    • Useful load - 5,218 lbs. (fuel, equipment, Pilot/RN/Paramedic/2 patients). Seating capacity allows for support of observer program for medical residents and students to learn about aeromedical transport.
    • Instrument flight capability: 3 axis autopilot, 2 GPS satellite navigation systems. Two-way satellite communication equipment. Satellite weather systems and active onboard color weather radar systems. Terrain and ground proximity radar systems. Night vision- friendly interior lighting.
    • Night vision goggles are worn by the pilot and medical crew during all night operations.
    • Capability to transport two patients. Stretcher weight limit - 500 lbs.

    Onboard medical equipment/capabilities

    • Two oxygen and medical air sources
    • Two suction units
    • Extensive list of medications for the critical care setting
    • LTV-1200 Ventilator
    • Three-channel IV pumps
    • Phillips HeartStart MRx monitor
    • Intra-aortic balloon pump
    • Neonatal isolette / nitric oxide therapy
    • O-negative packed red blood cells for emergency transfusions
    • Peripheral arterial line insertion / monitoring
    • RSI intubation / emergency airway devices
    • Portable¬†ultrasound for FAST exam of trauma patients