Clinical Laboratory Services

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  • Surgical Pathology

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    Surgical Pathology Tests  
    • Biopsy : see Histopathology
    • Bone Marrow Biopsy and Marrow Clot or Particle Preparation
    • Synonyms: Bone Marrow Examination or Aspiration
    • Diagnostic Transmission Electron Microscopy
    • Synonym:Ultrastructural Study
    • Frozen Section : see Frozen Tissue Section
    • Frozen Tissue Section
      • Synonyms: frozen, frozen section; rapid intraoperative surgical pathology consultation
    • Gross and Microscopic Pathology: see Histopathology
    • Histopathology
      • Synonyms: surgical pathology, tissue pathology; gross and microscopic pathology; light microscopy; pathology; pathologic examination; tissue examination; biopsy.
    • Intraoperative Surgical Pathology Consultation : see Frozen Tissue Section
    • Kidney Biopsy : see Renal Biopsy
    • Light Microscopy : see Histopathology
    • Lymph Node/Tissue for Lymphoma/Leukemia Work-Up
    • Muscle Biopsy, Peripheral Nerve Biopsy
    • Synonyms: skeletal muscle biopsy, muscle histochemistry, nerve biopsy
    • Pathologic Examination : see Histopathology
    • Pathology : see Histopathology
    • Postmortem Examination....................................... Autopsy Consent Form
      • Synonyms: Autopsy, necropsy
    • Renal Biopsy
      • Synonyms: kidney biopsy, needle biopsy of kidney
    • Skeletal Muscle Biopsy : see Muscle Biopsy
    • Surgical Pathology : see Histopathology
    • Tissue Examination : see Histopathology
    • Tissue Pathology : see Histopathology
    • Tissue Submitted for Histopathologic Diagnosis, Any : see Histopathology