Clinical Laboratory Services

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  • Transfusion Services Department

    The University of Mississippi Medical Center Transfusion Services (Blood Bank) section of the laboratory is staffed by 16 medical technologists and clinical laboratory scientists. The department provides staffing 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Transfusion Services provides support for surgery, transplant, oncology, pediatrics and general medicine patients. More than 30,000 blood products were transfused during the past year. Transfusion Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for our patients, as promptly as possible. Questions, concerns or comments are always appreciated. The direct number for the department is (601) 984-2392.

    Section Director: 

    Dr. M. Ayman Asfour, MD

    Lead Technologist:

    Cindy Milton, MT (ASCP) BB


    (601) 984-2394


    David Colby, MT (ASCP)
    Diane Due, MLT (ASCP)
    Amy Eicher, MT (ASCP)
    Jessica Gary, MLS (ASCP)
    Phoebe Gordon, MT (ASCP)
    LaShandra Harris, MLS (ASCP)
    Ronda Larrys, MLS (ASCP)
    Eric Leasure, MLS (ASCP)
    Kellius Kelly, MLS (ASCP)
    Vince Morton, MLS (ASCP)
    Calleigh Simmons, MLS (ASCP)
    Vikki Tillis, MLS (ASCP)