Multicultural Affairs

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  • Strategic Partners and Support

    Each school has a multicultural affairs officer who responds to the day-to-day needs and concerns of underrepresented students. This individual works closely with the Division of Multicultural Affairs in promoting our mission of student support and motivational systems. Representatives meet of this committee meet regularly to discuss diversity initiatives and inclusive efforts promoted by the respective school. The Division of Multicultural Affairs Liaison Working Group includes:

    • Dr. Wilhelmina O'Reilly, School of Dentistry (SOD)
    • Farrah D. Banks, School of Health Related Professions (SHRP)
    • Marilyn Harrington, RN, PhD, AGNP-C, School of Nursing (SON)

    Multicultural Enhancement Committee

    The Multicultural Enhancement Committee is a diverse team of leaders from the medical center which provide direction and a shared vision with responsibility to recommend and promote policies, programs and other initiatives that will attract and retain a diverse mix of faculty, staff and students. The committee also promotes broad based knowledge about the importance of diversity and health equity through education and action.

    Mississippi Institute for Improvement of Geographic Minority Health

    The Mississippi Institute for the Improvement of Geographic Minority Health (MIGMH) was established through a competitive grant awarded by the Health and Human Services’ Office of Minority Health Research in September 2006. The Institute focuses on some of the key indicators of health status in Mississippi and targets mechanisms to increase the knowledge surrounding these conditions along with strategies to improve them. 

    The Institute’s goals are:

    • to improve awareness of healthcare issues among minority individuals with a special emphasis on disadvantaged people living in rural areas;
    • to increase access to quality health care for rural disadvantaged populations;
    • to increase the number of health care providers who provide services to traditionally underserved populations;
    • to improve health outcomes for minority and rural disadvantaged populations and;
    • to develop a model for improving minority health and eliminating health disparities that can be replicated across the U.S.

    Disparities Solutions Center

    The Disparities Solutions Center is dedicated to the development and implementation of strategies that advance policy and practice to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health care. The Disparities Solutions Center will achieve this mission by:

    • serving as a change agent by developing new research and translating innovative research findings into policy and practice;
    • developing and evaluating customized policy and practice solutions for health care providers, insurers, educators, community organizations and other stakeholders; and
    • providing education and leadership training to expand the community of skilled individuals dedicated to eliminating health care disparities.

    Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning

    Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning are governed by a board of trustees which is responsible for policy and financial oversight of the eight public institutions of higher learning, including the University of Mississippi Medical Center.  We have strong partnerships among these institutions in which we are able to host an array of collaborative programs and leverage resources.

    Tougaloo College

    The University of Mississippi Medical Center and the Division of Multicultural Affairs have a long-standing relationship with Tougaloo College, a private, historically black, liberal arts institution, accessible to all persons regardless of race, ethnic origin, religion or creed. The college prepares students to be imaginative, self-directed, lifelong learners and mindful thinkers, committed to leadership and services in a global society by offering a high quality liberal studies program.

    Jackson and area school districts

    The Division of Multicultural Affairs recruits students for its pipeline programs from area middle schools and high schools. We work closely with counselors and teachers in promoting secondary education and stimulate interest in pursuing careers in the health care profession.

    National associations and professional affiliates

    Multicultural Affairs faculty and staff are committed to increasing their intellectual capital through networking and professional development. Below is a listing of the professional organizations and memberships held by staff members:


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