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  • Expert Sources

    Leaders representing many fields of health care can assist you with your story. To arrange an interview with one of the professionals below, call the Public Affairs office at (601) 984-1100 or e-mail the appropriate staff person found on the Contact Us page

    Areas of expertise

    Allergy and Immunology

    Marshall, Gailen, MD

    Stress and effect on illness, HPV vaccine, seasonal allergies, rhinitis


    Barksdale, Bryan, MD

    Prevention of heart disease, interventional cardiology

    Borganelli, Mark, MD

    Atrial fibrillation, heart arrhythmias, electrophysiology

    Moore, Charles, MD

    Heart failure

    Taylor, Herman, MD

    Jackson Heart Study, cardiovascular disease in African Americans

    Winniford, Michael, MD

    General cardiology


    Eklund, Neva, DMD

    Pediatric dentistry, especially the care of chronically ill or disabled children

    Kirk, Pia Chattergee, DMD

    General dentistry topics


    McCowan, Nancye, DMD

    General and cosmetic dermatology

    Wyatt, Julie, DMD

    General and cosmetic dermatology

    Emergency Medicine

    Galli, Robert, MD

    Trauma, ER, rural medicine, snake bites

    Kyle, Amber, RN


    Summers, Richard, MD

    Trauma, accidental injuries

    Family Medicine

    Beebe, Diane, MD

    Family medical issues, general medical topics


    Garretson, Roland, MD

    Colonoscopy and prep for colorectal cancer treatment and diagnosis


    Teal, Kimberly, MD

    Grief counseling


    Coburn, Mattie, RN

    Bone marrow donor program

    Elkins, Stephanie, RN

    Hematology, transplantation

    Files, Joe, MD

    Bone marrow transplant

    Files, Suzanne, RN

    Bone marrow transplant registry

    Infectious Diseases

    Henderson, Harold, MD


    Nolan, Rathel "Skip," MD

    Travel medicine, vaccines, TB, swine flu, flu

    Internal Medicine

    deShazo, Richard, MD

    General medical questions; geriatrics and elder care, arthritis and arthritis meds, allergy

    Kokko, Kenneth, MD

    Kidney disease

    Schlessinger, Shirley, MD

    Organ donation

    Wofford, Marion, MD

    High blood pressure, clinical hypertension trials


    Sugg, Rebecca, MD



    Harkey, Louis, MD

    Spinal surgery

    Newborn Medicine

    Graves, Glen, MD

    Infant mortality, low birth rate babies, prematurity

    Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Bouldin, Sheila, MD

    General obstetrics, women's health

    Martin, James, MD

    High-risk obstetrics, pre-eclampsia, pregnancy-induced hypertension, HELLP syndrome, prevention of pre-term labor

    Ridgway, Mildred, MD

    Ovarian cancer, minimally invasive gynecologic surgery


    Craft, Barbara, MD

    Breast cancer


    Haber, Lawrence, MD

    Pediatric orthopedic problems, especially scoliosis

    Ward, Marion, MD

    Minimally invasive spine


    Crews, Karen, DMD

    Smoking cessation

    Eby, Thomas, MD

    Hearing, hearing aids, ear surgery

    Jordan, Randy, MD

    Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery

    Payne, Thomas, MD

    Smoking cessation

    Stringer, Scott, MD

    Surgery, sinusitis, sinus surgery


    Bishop, Phyllis, MD

    Gastroenterology, feeding problems, IV nutrition, liver disease in children, inflammatory bowel disease

    Boyte, Rick, MD

    Pediatric critical care, palliative care for children

    Buttross, Susan, MD

    ADHD, autism, other developmental problems

    Carron, Jeffrey, MD

    Otolaryngology, otology, hearing loss, ear tubes, cochlear implants, implantable hearing aids, ear infections, birth anomalies

    Megason, Gail, MD

    Pediatric hematology, oncology

    Moll, George, MD

    Pediatric endocrinology, especially diabetes and obesity

    Reed, J. Mark, MD

    Otolaryngology, pediatric airway disorders, general pediatric ear, ear tubes, nose and throat problems

    Robbins, Craig, MD

    Congenital limb deformity, adult limb deformity, malunion/nonunion

    Salazar, Jorge, MD

    Congenital heart defects

    Sorey, Will, MD

    General pediatrics

    Witt, Amanda, MD

    Pediatric brain injury, Children's Rehabilitation Services and University Rehabilitation Center

    Yates, Anne, MD

    Allergy and immunology, asthma, food allergy, insect sting allergy, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis


    Gordon, Greg, MD

    General psychiatry

    Holloman, Garland Bo, MD

    Psychiatric emergency services, inpatient psychiatry services

    Norquist, Grayson, MD

    Depression and other mental illnesses in adults


    Coffey, Scott, PhD

    Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Katrina study

    Elkin, David, PhD

    Adolescent and child psychology, especially chronically ill children

    Penzien, Donald, PhD

    Non-medical treatments for headache

    Tull, Matthew, MD

    Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety disorders

    Viana, Andres, PhD

    Child anxiety

    Radiation Oncology

    Vijayakumar, Srinivasan, MD

    Cancer especially prostate cancer; all forms of radiation treatment for cancer


    Chinchar, Greg, PhD

    Virology, immune systems, microbiology

    Hall, John, PhD

    Obesity, hypertension and heart disease

    Miele, Lucio, MD, PhD



    Majithia, Vikas, MD

    Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus


    Anderson, Christopher, MD

    Pancreas, liver and kidney transplantation

    Helling, Thomas, MD

    General surgery

    Lahr, Christopher, MD

    Colorectal cancer surgery

    Porter, John, MD

    Trauma surgery