• Ric Bowlin, 2014 SHRP Alumnus of the Year
    Ric Bowlin, 2014 SHRP Alumnus of the Year

    2014 SHRP Alumnus of the Year

        Richard “Ric“ Bowlin joined the UMMC Department of Pathology, Cytopathology section, in July of 1979. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Mississippi in 1978, Ric applied and was accepted to one of four positions in the certificate program in Cytotechnology offered through the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He successfully completed training and was awarded a Certificate in Cytotechnology in 1979. After serving a year as a Clinical Instructor in the School of Health Related Professions, he became an Instructor in the Department of Cytotechnology in 1981, and served in that position until 1996. In 1987, he tested and received the Specialist designation in Cytotechnology. During that time span, he also served as Assistant Chief Cytotechnologist in the Department of Pathology.

        His role was always dual until 1996, splitting time between SHRP and the Department of Pathology. Prior to 1996, Ric served on numerous SHRP committees, as well as regional and national committees: including SHRP Faculty Policies Committee, Continuing Education Committee, Regional Liasion to the American Society of Cytotechnology, SHRP Admissions Committee, Secretary/Treasurer, President elect and President of the Mississippi Society of Cytotechnology, and President elect and President of UMMC/SHRP Chapter of Alpha Eta. Since 1996, he has served as Chief Cytotechnologist in the Department of Pathology/Cytopathology section and is currently serving as the Supervisor of Business and Clinic Operations, Lab Support Services, in Pathology. He currently is the Team Leader for the Performance Improvement Committee, Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)- Specimen Handling- Surgery and Surgical Pathology. In this position, he is able to use his many years of experience and problem-solving skills to enhance overall work-flow and improve processes for specimen transport and turn-around time leading to more rapid reporting of results to clinicians and thus, improving patient care.

        Ric recently was awarded his 35 year UMMC service pin. He is a member of the SHRP Legacy Guardian Society. He has also co-authored multiple papers and poster presentations.

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