• Animal Behavior Core

    Ian Paul, Ph.D. – Core Director 
    Director, Graduate Program in Neuroscience 
    Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, UMMC  
    Guyton Building, Room G114
    Phone: (601) 984-5883; fax: (601) 984-5899  
    E-mail: ipaul@umc.edu

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     Anna Roller - Core Manager
    Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior 
    Guyton Building, Room G114 
    Phone: (601) 984-5744; fax: (601) 984-5899 
    Email: aroller@umc.edu



    The mission of the Animal Behavior Core facility is to improve the scope and competitiveness of functional central nervous system research at UMMC, COBRE and INBRE facilities in Mississippi by:

    • Providing these neuroscientists with the tools and technical assistance to identify and monitor animal behavior across a variety of species.
    • Training these neuroscientists in state-of-the art techniques in the analysis of animal behaviors.
    • Assisting these neuroscientists with the interpretation and presentation of data and results relating to animal behaviors.

    The Center for Psychiatric Neuroscience Animal Behavior Core conducts state of the art rodent behavioral testing for investigators at UMMC and other nearby institutions. The core facility is equipped to perform a comprehensive battery of behavioral tests to thoroughly phenotype overall motor and sensory function of rats and mice as well as specific behaviors of interest to specific investigators (learning and memory, motor function and gait, place/fear conditioning, pain/analgesia, depression and anxiety related behaviors). The Core is equipped to assist in all aspects of rodent behavioral testing including design and execution of behavioral tasks as well as data analysis and interpretation.

    Ian Paul, PhD, provides overall supervision of the Animal Core. His research focuses on the neurobehavioral effects and mechanisms of antidepressant and other psychiatric pharmacotherapies. He is especially interested in the effects of these drugs on neuronal and behavioral development


    Behavioral and neurological phenotyping including neurological assessment (righting, reflex response, arousal, startle, seizure activity), activity balance/coordination, simple pain/sensory testing aggression.

    • Testing relevant to affective disorders and antidepressant activity (acute – forced swim and tail suspension tests and chronic social defeat, chronic mild/unpredictable stress, learned helplessness)
    • Testing relevant to fear and anxiety and anxiolytic activity (Plus maze, zero maze, marble burying)
    • Learning and memory (active/passive avoidance, spontaneous alternation, water maze, Barnes maze)
    • Assistance with specialized/custom testing as needed (e.g. sexual behavior, maternal behavior, social interaction)
    • Assessing ultrasonic vocalization for pain, anxiety, stress and sexual and social behaviors
    • Sleep and circadian rhythm monitoring and/or disruption.

    Behavioral testing facilities are equipped with

    • Noldus Ethovision (movement tracking)
    • Noldus Observer (complex analysis of individual and social behaviors)
    • Metris Sonotrack ( ultrasonic detection and analysis system)
    • Automex activity monitors
    • Plexiglass observation chambers
    • 4 Swim test cylinders + dividers
    • Sound Meter
    • T-Maze
    • Water Maze
    • Barnes Maze