• "Extraordinary Bodies: Perceptions and Engagements"

    This year’s 2015 Humanities in Medicine Lecture will serve as the Keynote address to the Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities’ March 19th through 20th conference, Extraordinary Bodies: Perceptions and Engagements, to be held in R354 (upper amphitheater).

    The conference will explore humanities, social science, and disability studies scholarship on the day-to-day assumptions and encounters experienced by people with disfigurement and disability. The 2015 Humanities in Medicine Lecturewill be delivered byLeonard Cassuto, PhD, of Fordham University, New York, based on his long association with Emory University Professor of English and Bioethics Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, whose recent works include Staring: How We Look and Habitable Worlds: Disability, Technology, and Eugenics.

    A professor of English and contributor to Garland-Thomson’s path-breaking anthologies, Freakery (1996) and Disability Studies: Enabling the Humanities, Dr. Cassuto will speak at noon, Friday, March 20, 2015 on Telling and Teaching the Extraordinary Body.

    The conference will open with a Thursday evening panel on Historical Representations of Disfiguring Differences, followed by a showing and discussion of the 1980 David Lynch film, The Elephant Man, as well as an installation on loan from the Mississippi State Hospital, Faces of Madness, A History of Mental Illness (R 153, Lower Amphitheater, 4:30pm to 8pm).

    A Friday morning panel discussion on Disfigurement in the Clinical Context (9:45-11:45, 308 Classroom Wing) will precede Dr. Cassuto’s Medical Humanities Lecture, to be held on Friday at noon in R354. The concluding conference panel on Difference and Disfigurement: Broader contexts, disciplinary perspectives, and questions will follow this talk. Graduate student respondents representing both health care and the humanities will respond to all panels, as well the keynote address.    

    Cost for Attendance:  

    The 2015 Humanities in Medicine Lecture, with lunch included, is open without cost to all members of the UMMC community. It will be held at noon on Friday, March 20th.

    A single $10 feewill provide entrance for all conference panels and meals on both days (no CME).

    For a $55 fee, Continuing Medical Educationcredit will be available.  For information, visit http://www.umc.edu/conted/ and search CE events.