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    Thank you for visiting our website.  The CBMH exists to add value to UMMC's core missions through a deeper cultural and social understanding of the many communities we serve. Whether that community consists of a single patient, nurse and physician in the course of a routine clinical encounter, or of the entire state faced with the dilemma of limited resource allocation in a disaster response, the interplay among sociocultural contexts, ethics and human engagement has direct bearing on both the quality of care and the meaning of caring. 

    Regardless of what community you represent, whether patient, provider, scholar, policy maker or citizen, we invite you to join us in our efforts to improve human engagement in healthcare and bioscience research.

    The staff and faculty of the CBMH invite you to explore our website and feel free to contact us.  Both our virtual and physical doors are always open for questions, collaboration and

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    Ralph H. Didlake, MD, FACS
    Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities