Supplier Diversity Program

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  • Objectives and Strategies

    UMMC's Purchasing Department and procurement staff are encouraged to establish mutually beneficial business relationships with SMWV businesses.  Procurement decision-makers in Physical Facilities, Maintenance, Grounds, Dietary, and other support departments are also encouraged to establish similar business relationships with SMWV businesses.

    Some techniques used to encourage UMMC procurement staff to utilize these targeted groups include:

    • Attend vendor fairs to meet new suppliers
    • Maintain memberships and associations with diverse business councils
    • Provide adequate quotation lead times
    • Simplify paperwork requirements
    • Simplify "Request For Proposal" language
    • Assist vendor in understanding UMMC's contracting/procurement process

    In the marketplace, diverse suppliers share the same struggles as other small businesses.  Frequently, they are underestimated, overlooked and lack the necessary resources to build success.  These common challenges have not prevented SMWV businesses that have been identified as UMMC's partners from enjoying success.  UMMC, as one of the largest employers in Mississippi, has proven that supporting and promoting supplier diversity programs makes good business sense.  By focusing on excellent customer service, quality and establishing successful relationships with diverse suppliers, UMMC is meeting and continually searching for ways to improve statewide business needs.  UMMC is leading by example to broaden and diversify its vendor base.