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  • P-1's

    UMMC may request special authority from the State Office of Purchasing and Travel (OPT) to make a one-time purchase. A P-1 approval, for a one-time purchase or a P-1 for repetitive purchases valid for a predetermined time, serves as the Purchasing Department's legal authority to purchase a commodity whose cost exceeds $5000.  The predetermined time will be the period of time the quote is valid.  Also, this commodity is not covered by a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) contract, a State Contract, or Agency Contract and/or the item is available from only one supplier. P-1's will not be requested if the item can be obtained from multiple suppliers unless the requesting department writes a justification explaining the special circumstances for which the item is being purchased. This written justification must accompany the Purchase Requisition.  The estimated spend for the repetitive P-1 must be indicated on the order and can be obtained from past purchase order history, or based on the information from the Requesting Department.

    The P-1 is used when requesting authority to purchases commodities under the following conditions:

    • Emergency purchases when the total amount of purchase exceeds $5000 (see Emergency Procurement).
    • Single source purchase when total amount of purchase exceeds $5000 (see Sole Source Procurement).
    • Purchases for research when total amount of purchase exceeds $5000.
    • Purchases required for compatibility reasons when total amount of purchase exceeds $5000.

    The P-1 originates in the UMMC Purchasing Department. Requests are submitted to the Office of Purchasing and Travel with the appropriate documentation. If approval is granted, the Office of Purchasing and Travel assigns an identification number. Upon receipt of the approval from OPT, the Purchasing Department will issue the Purchase Order.

    For a list of UMMC's current P-1's, please see the P-1 Spreadsheet link in the right column.