Patient Equipment

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  • Patient Equipment

    Welcome to Patient Equipment.

    Patient Equipment performs a variety of services involved in the cleaning, processing, organizing, and distribution of patient equipment.  We also provide specific supplies and products used in patient care and treatment such as providing rental service of wound vacs from KCI to our patients.  In addition, Patient Equipment places orders for specialty beds through one of our rental companies such as Hill-Rom or Sizewise.

    With the new installation of Awarepoint Equipment Finder, all UMMC staff are able to locate patient care equipment throughout the UMHC campus.  This system is an electronic trackiing solution to capture medical equipment or devise information with its current location.  This information facilitates the quality of patient care.  Awarepoint can efficiently and rapidly locate equipment, along with effectively reporting and managing inventory. Patient Equipment contact telephone numbers are: (601) 815-6929 Main Office; (601) 664-8376 Cell Phone access; and (601) 506-8410 Cell Phone access. If you have any questions concerning Patient Equipment, please feel free to contact Joe Brown at (601) 815-6929 or via email at