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  • Online Loan Exit Counseling

    Welcome to The University of Mississippi Medical Center Online Loan Exit Counseling Sessions provided through Mapping Your Future. We are happy to offer these sessions as a convenient method for satisfying the federal requirements regarding loan exit counseling.

    In these sessions you will receive information about your student loan repayment under the Direct Student Loan Program, Health Professions (HPSL & NSL), Perkins and/or McKinstry Loan Programs. This information includes:

    • Your rights and responsibilities as a student loan borrower.
    • Your options for repaying your student loans.
    • Useful financial planning tools to help you manage your student loan repayments.

    Important: All students should review information about the potential benefits of

     Student Loan Consolidation


    Information Needed to Begin Your Exit Counseling Session(s)

    During the counseling session, we will ask you to provide specific information about your loans so we can customize your counseling session to fit your needs. Please make sure that you have the information listed below before you begin, so you will be able to complete the counseling in one session.

    • Your Social Security Number
    • Your Driver's License Number
    • Name, Address, Telephone Number of Next of Kin
    • Name, Address, Telephone number of two references at different addresses whom the lender could contact if they should lose contact with you
    • Name, Address, Telephone Number of your expected employer
    • Name of Guaranty Agency who guaranteed your student loans (contact your lender, if you need assistance)
    • Name of your Lender


    Your school is required to obtain the following information

    • Expected employer
    • Next of kin--a family member who can readily be contacted
    • References
    • Expected permanent address

    Please Note: If you borrowed under the FFELP and/or Direct Loan Program ONLY you should only complete the FFELP or DLP exit counseling. If you borrowed under the Direct Loan and the Health Professions (HPSL & NSL), Perkins and/or McKinstry Programs, you must complete both exit counseling sessions.

    Personal counseling and written materials on debt management and other financial planning concerns are available upon request by contacting our Financial Aid Office at or 601-984-1117. 

    Exit Counseling for Federal Direct (Stafford and Grad PLUS) loans.
    If you should have any problems with the above web site, please call 601-984-1117  

    Exit Counseling for Perkins, McKinstry, Health Professions (HSPL & NSL)
    Undergraduate, Graduate/Professional 
    If you should have any problems with the above web site, please call 601-984-1035.